Are you ready for Christmas? The clock is ticking to order.

The countdown starts now to your busiest time of the year!  Dont leave it too late for all your Christmas retail packaging – the clock is ticking to reach your business in time for the rush of shoppers.

You still have time to order a wide range of printed retail packaging:

Overprinted Fabric Bags, Overprinted Paper Bags, Tissue Paper Sheets, Gift Wrap Sheets, Stickers, Ribbon are all still currently available for December.  Current timescales are 3-4 weeks on most products so dont miss out.

Talk to our sales team today for Christmas at

If your looking for inspiration, visit our ranges online at to view lots of detail, photos and delivery information on what we can do to help boost your brand this Christmas.

The ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your Retail Packaging

Over the last few years, ESC Packaging has truly expanded our product range far beyond the poly bag carrier bag we have become famous for!  The retail packaging world has changed so much in recent years with significant advances in options, production technology and shortening distribution times.  We can now offer you the highest quality AND great value in an almost unlimited range of retail packaging!  We now work with some of the most popular biggest brands in the UK, as well as rebranding entire ranges for bakeries, butchers and boutiques that you know and love.  We excel at creating the best retail packaging you need for your business,


We often get asked ‘Where can I get matching ribbon too?’ or ‘Where can I source gift wrap to exactly match my carrier bags?’ or ‘Where will I get stickers in the same pantone colours?’  and the simple answer is ESC PACKAGING CAN HELP!  We love pulling together your entire project and creating a FULL range of options in matching pantone colours and packaging styles.

We can now create the widest range imaginable of Custom Retail Packaging that can be made to your exact size, shape and colour of your branding.  If you want to save £s, then we highly recommend ordering all your branding in one full order to save on despatch costs and time.  Let ESC Packaging co-ordinate all your productions in a single order to take the head-ache away from you and getting everything to match – all delivered when you need it.

PACKAGING IS EVERYTHING in todays competitive market.  If you don’t stand out from the shelf, you wont be capitalising on your great product.  With the right packaging, you can double or triple your turnover by attracting more clients with eye catch designs.

We can create packaging with your logo or design on all your paper bags, stickers, ribbon, tissue paper, poly bags, tags, wrapping paper, retail boxes, jute bags, juco bags, cotton bags, mailing boxes, and much much more (or any packaging you can think of for your business to fully maximise your profits by standing apart from your competition!)

When you need a One Stop Shop for all your retail branding, talk to the sales team at  We look forward to your rebranding project – its what we do best!


Time to say goodbye…

IAN WEBSITE_2Ian Whyte retiring from ESC Packaging after more than 30 years. 

It’s hard running a family business. Really hard. Anyone who says it isn’t is not running a true family business. Everyone is family, blood or not. I have worked at ESC Packaging with my parents for 21 years now. We’ve had the fortune of having had some fantastic people sit in our offices, no doubt about it. I love each and every person I have ever worked with and I am still in touch with most who have helped shape and form ESC Packaging before moving on to pastures new. While it’s always sad when someone leaves our wee team, usually they move onto a bright future and stay in touch.

It’s been hard to accept Ian is leaving. I can’t remember ESC without him. I remember coming home from school, walking to the office after getting off the school bus and Ian would be there, a cheeky grin & asking “How was yer day in school hen?” Throughout my uni days Ian was always there when I’d spend holidays working in the office, he taught me to drive the stand up forklift before I could drive a car. We emptied several containers together. We went to our colleague Jack Orr’s funeral together and he held my hand while I cried. Ian and his wife Irene were at my wedding to hubby Craig in the year 2000 – he even spoke to the police when they were called due to the noise and hilarity! We’ve had our fair share of arguments, like any family but always ended the day with a friendly – “see you tomorrow”.  On a personal note It has been an absolute honour working with Ian Whyte. He is family to me and always will be.

So…now looking ahead to the business part! Ian turns 70 in June and therefore at the end of June he will be saying goodbye. He promises to be on call if we need him but his retirement is well overdue and deserved. We are recruiting his replacement right now which in itself is an impossible task. How on earth will I ever find another Ian? It might surprise you to know that Ian receives the most thank you fan mail out of any member of staff. Customers love him as he goes that extra mile. We’re hoping that his customer focused attitude and ability to get jobs done is something he can pass onto our new despatch manager. For 3 months the new team member will shadow Ian, learning from the best…they have BIG shoes to fill! And so… the count down to Ian’s last day begins.

Until next time….

Carri Walker – Business manager





We are Food Packaging Specialists. Catalogue Out Now!

We have just launched a super colour magazine for you all to enjoy, containing some of our most popular food packaging products we specialise in.  Its filled with great ideas to boost your branding, and increase your profits!

Magazine Front CoverView a wide range of categories including Foodgrade Papers, Presentation & Wrapping Papers, Foodgrade Bags, Re-usable Carriers, Retail Carrier Bags, Boxes Galore, Pretty Accessories, Catering Disposables and much more!

We have included useful information to support you when making decisions about what to order including minimum order quantities, budget and delivery information.

To receive your copy, just email us with your name and details at and we can post you a copy free of charge to browse over a cuppa! Be quick, as only while stocks last.

If there is something else you would like to order that is not in the magazine, let us know and will be able to discuss all your options.  We love to create new products so give us a challenge and let us know what perfect packaging you are looking for!


Shop online with PayPal

We’ve listened and by popular demand PayPal is now available to checkout via our online web shop!

For many years we’ve offered Worldpay as a payment gateway but listening to customer feedback we’ve moved on to pay by Paypal.

NOTE:  You don’t have to have a Paypal account to use it to pay for your products. Paypal will accept your Visa or Mastercard.  You just opt for a guest checkout and just key in your credit or debit card in the same way as you would otherwise on any internet based transaction. But if you do have an account the checkout is even more simple and hassle free! It’s been optimized for mobile phone use too which means the checkout experience should be smooth and fast.


We also accept BACS, CHAPS, International TT, Cheques and Cash payments too for anyone who prefers.  Just contact us to arrange payment via one of these methods if you would like to order from our online shop.

Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

Have a lovely day!

Carri Walker…Business Manager @ ESC Packaging



Exciting New Chapter for ESC Packaging Announced

Alec and Anne Website ESC Packaging: The Next Generation.

We’re busy making little changes at ESC Packaging HQ as our business owners Alec &  Anne Bankier announce that they plan to retire from the company in 2016.  It will mark the end of an amazing era for ESC Packaging. Alec and Anne have steadily steered the ESC team through some pretty turbulent times over the past 37 years. Two Gulf wars which saw oil prices (and carrier bag prices) reach unbelievable heights and two deep economic recessions which saw many high street retailers go to the wall. Alec’s knowledge within the industry is well regarded by all who know him and Anne’s steadfast ability to guide ESC Packaging through stormy waters financially has meant that we are in a super strong position moving into the new era.

CARRI WEBSITEThe company will evolve over the next 6-12 months into a different style of business as their daughter Carri Walker leads the newly formed ESC Packaging Limited in a new dynamic exciting direction.  Carri comments…”There are big changes ahead for ESC Packaging as packaging production moves forward. The recent introduction of the Scottish Carrier Bag Tax is an unknown quantity of course but as a small run specialist we are in a good position moving ahead. I’m very lucky that my mum and dad, although retiring, will be there in the background to take an interest in the business and give support and advice when needed. Working in a family business is an amazing experience. This is an exciting new chapter for ESC Packaging and confidence in the ESC team is high for a smooth transition over the next 6-12 months”.

Moving the company forward we will be concentrating our efforts on fewer core products. This will mean streamlining our range to those products we do exceptionally well such as quick delivery promotional carrier bags, fabric carrier bags designed with flair and shelf ready packaging designed to help client’s products fly off the shelf. We’d rather do a few AMAZING core products than thousands of products pretty well. ESC Packaging is known across the UK for our fantastic customer service and attention to detail and that’s what will drive the company forward as we focus on MADE TO ORDER Packaging.

On behalf of the ESC team we appreciate you reading our exciting news. If you would like any more information on the upcoming company structure changes please contact Alec Bankier on 01383 418610.


It’s not a tax…it’s a cash generator for Scottish business!

5p Bag Tax Levy update…BAG TAX IS A REVENUE GENERATOR FOR RETAILERS! Bag tax 5p image

Well, after spending hours discussing the bag “tax” with clients old and new yesterday I had a most interesting phone call from one of our large department store customers  who said that he was under the impression that he did not have to charge the 5p “tax” for carrier bags if he did not want to and that if he did he could keep the money instead of passing it onto good causes and charities.

I checked the regulations yet again (I think I may be able to enter Mastermind now… specialist subject? SCOTTISH BAG TAX!) anyways, I reread the full rather complex legislation which clearly does state that proceeds collected must be tabulated & if you have more than 10 full time employees then you need to keep records. That “reasonable” costs should be deducted to cover time and effort in administering the levy but then proceeds should be donated to a good cause. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

I have an email from a government representative which clearly bears this out.

“The charge belongs to the retailer - its their money and for use as they see fit within the business. There is no obligation for the retailer to donate the charge money. “

“Reference to the actual cost of the bags not being an appropriate cost only relates to the retailer if they are donating to a good cause via the Carrier Bag commitment. IE they cannot take the cost of the bags off the amount raised by the charge before donating the money to a good cause.”

“So, in essence. The charge money belongs to the retailer and they can use it in their business however they wish. If they sign up to the Carrier Bag Commitment, they cannot deduct the cost of buying the bags as a reasonable cost from the money they donate.”

This is very important information for all businesses in Scotland. You can KEEP THE MONEY! But what of the charities? Only those  businesses that sign up to the Carrier Bag Commitment online will have to donate the collected money to a good cause / charity.

This is newsworthy – it does contradict all the press coverage and past announcements from the Scottish Government about it being a new revenue stream for charities and good causes. The figure of £5 million has been bantered about by media. This must now surely be in doubt BUT actually this is GREAT NEWS for small Scottish retailers. You can cover the cost of your bags using the legislation as long as you have not signed up to the Carrier Bag Commitment! Check out the website for more clarification 

Enjoy your day…Cx

Carri Walker, Sales manager @ ESC Packaging


The power of media or is that brainwashing?

Farm Shops are popping up all over the country…I had a meeting this week with an amazing entrepreneur who is in the process of opening an innovative Farm Shop nearby. The plans sound impressive.  A purpose built attraction housing their very own on site bakery, butchery, delicatessen, grocery, ice cream production, gift shop and bistro cafe. In fact MY idea of heaven on a Sunday afternoon. I can see myself spending lots of time (and money) there!  It’s called Mannerston’s near Linlithgow and will be open by August 2014.

paper tyape handle brown kraft bags for Ardorss Farm ShopAny good sales person knows the first rule is to be prepared for a meeting, so bearing in mind that I knew our new client was opening a farm shop, I gathered together all the relevant samples and estimates so that during our meeting I would have everything I needed to hand. Or so I thought. I’m thinking…OK, a farm shop – they’ll want natural products, so I opted for the typical farm shop products such as paper tape handle carrier bags, paper bags, jute and cotton fabric bags, waxed paper sheets – the works.

WHY did I assume a farm shop would want paper products? Was a paper carrier bag even the best solution for the products being sold?

The truth of the situation is that as a society we have been brainwashed by systematic media campaigns to believe that “paper” is natural, so it must be “good” for the environment. It’s not. There’s an expectation when you visit a farm shop that everything will be wholesome and natural and that extends right through to the packaging used. Heaven forbid a farm shop would use a glossy or shiny product, oh no! Farm shop packaging needs to be matte and natural looking. It’s the expectation of the visitor. After a long detailed debate we came to  the conclusion that a paper carrier bag was the over ruling expectation of a visitor to a farm shop but that this bag would indeed be tossed in the recycle bin at home after 5 minutes. People just don’t re-use these bags, they don’t stand up to repeated use and the public have been brainwashed in to thinking they are doing their bit for the environment by recycling them in their wheelie bin.The ideology that somehow recycling is being eco-friendly! Surely it makes better sense for the retailer to offer a carrier bag that can be re-used often before being recycled?

Why is it a taboo for a farm shop to use a polythene carrier bag?

Anyways, whether Mannerston’s use paper or polythene packaging, that’s their decision and should be right for their products and not because it’s “what is expected”.  I for one will be there on opening day ready to sample their home-made ice-cream and produce, because that’s REALLY what important… enjoy the rest of your day!




Finally… Information for Scottish Retailers about the 5p Bag Tax!

Whoop Whoop!!!

After a lot of ranting and complaining I am so pleased to finally be able to say that there is a OK-happy-face_fulluseable resource now available for Scottish Retailers to help get ready for the 5p bag tax coming 20th October 2014.

About bloomin time! 

So go to this website… click on the websIte link here and it will take you to the  resources created to give concise understandable information.

If you go to the RESOURCES section at the top of the site you will find some pretty useful bits and bobs. Happy reading!

ESC Packaging are 100% behind the carrier bag tax in Scotland. We want our retailers to make the very best buying decisions they can and although this resource is too late for many it is very welcome. We’d be happy to talk through any clients requirements or concerns, new or existing clients very welcome to call us for a chat on 01383 418610. Or leave a message on this post if you’re shy!

Thanks for reading.

Carri Walker, Sales Manager, ESC Packaging

Scottish Carrier Bag Tax – Info For Butchers

Welcome Butchers!Scottish Craft Butchers logo

Get ready for the 5p Scottish Bag Tax!

Please do read our blog titled Scottish Bag Tax Regulations because there is general information which is important to ALL businesses you’ll need to know to get ready for the upcoming bag tax commencing 20th October 2014. This section of our blog is written with our fabulous Scottish butchers in mind.

The full regulations are here… FULL REGULATIONS. 

Here are the packaging items you will NOT have to charge the 5p Bag Tax for…

  • Vacuum pouches

  • All paper and polythene bags that touch produce directly. Ie. HD counter bags & HT Sacks.

  • Paper or polythene carrier bags smaller than 205mm wide x 125mm gusset x 456mm high  including handles. Even if they do not directly touch food.

  • Wrapping sheets and papers.

  • Meat trays, wraps and films.

  • Fabric bags for life that you would charge for normally.

  • Polythene heavy duty Bags for Life larger than 404mm x 439mm x 49 micron that you would normally charge for anyways but are sometimes given away too.


Will the public willingly pay 5p for a typical butchers HD vest carrier bag?

The most important criteria you must be aware of is that any carrier bag larger than our small S Collins vestvest carrier 200mm x 300mm x 406mm in our standard range of sizes would be eligible for the 5p Carrier Bag Tax. This makes your choice of bag very important. We strongly recommend that you consider buying in a non degradable supply of printed small vest bags for your daily use.  We also recommend upgrading your larger size of bag to a better quality that your customers will psychologically believe is a “good” bag in return for their 5p tax they will pay you. Invest in a decent quality bag for your customers! It’s also never been more important to brand your packaging. We’ll help you work on your brand so that it really benefits your business and usually we don’t even charge for artwork.

What about a Bag for Life?

The whole idea of a bag for life in a butchers shop used to worry me as a housewife because of the hygiene implications of spilled blood in a re-useable bag…yuck! But over recent years we have perfected machine washable options and we have many bags that are wipeable with Dettol or sanitizing sprays stored in most kitchen cupboards. We strongly recommend you invest in a few hundred (at least) of a high quality washable Chapmanshygienic jute, nylon or NWPP fabric carrier that you can have on standby for clients who wish to buy a decent bag for life. You might even want to consider giving them away with larger orders. ESC are unique in that we will make from 200 fabric bags exactly to your requirements. We feel passionately that these bags need to look WOW and it’s so important that you don’t fall into the trap of buying a boring generic design used by many other companies! We will create you a brilliant walking billboard if you let us.



I am completely focused on your needs as a butcher so please  do let me know how I can help you ensure you comply with the new regulations from 20th October 2014.

Have a wonderful day… Cx

Blogger… Carri Walker, Sales manager, ESC Packaging