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About ESC Packaging


Established in April of 1978, ESC Packaging is a fourth generation family business committed to providing unbeatable levels of service, quality & value for money.

With our large bank of reputable worldwide suppliers, we pride ourselves on our ability to source any style of packaging found on the High Street – in realistic quantities and at reasonable prices.

We are a strong supporter of UK manufacturers. We will always give our customers the choice to choose whether they want a UK made product or one manufactured by our partner factories In Europe & the Far East.


Meet Our Team

ESC is a family business since 1978.

Since May 1995! I joined straight from Uni.

After leaving Glasgow University with a Primary Teaching degree (B.Ed Hons) I decided I’d rather work for my dad, stupidly thinking it would be an easier job… HAHAHA…Anyone who thinks working for a family business is easy is nuts, it’s very hard work!

Creating innovative designs and products for clients. It’s so exciting to see how products turn out. I never get bored. I love trade shows, seeing customers and showing off the projects we have been doing that year. It’s great to meet up with existing clients and when they give me a cuddle and tell me how much the packaging I have created for them has positively impacted their business, I am genuinely touched. I love that part of my job.

Our team get on and we really care about each other. We are real people with real lives and we’re definitely not robots. People always comment about the lovely atmosphere in our offices when they visit. 

We don’t take the easy route to a quick sale, everything we do is considered and if it’s not right for our client then we don’t do it just to make money. For us it’s not about the profit, we are all passionate about doing the best possible work for our clients. When things go wrong, as sometimes happens, we deal with it quickly & we don’t just bury our heads in the sand. We definitely are different to other packaging companies for all these reasons.

Lots of facts, not sure if they are fun!I can usually tell what song is on the radio within 2 seconds.

I am quite psychic and have predicted a lot of world events – this freaks out some of


I can’t sing without a gin and even then apparently, despite feeling I am channelling

Celine Dion, I sound like a cat in a washing machine…who cares, I think I sound great!

I love going to concerts – I usually have them booked up years in advance

and I have seen many bands, such as Keane, over 5 times!

I have an insane memory, I can remember client’s orders from 20 years ago!

I can’t make tea. I even hate my own tea!

I love dogs. I have a golden retriever called Ruri and a black lab called Brandy, they both come to work with me.

Carri Walker

Managing Director

I work as a CAD designer at ESC Packaging, where I primarily handle box design projects. I specialize in creating a variety of custom box styles tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. My main responsibility is to find packaging solutions that align with our customers preferences and product specifications.

I’ve been with ESC Packaging for a little over four years now.

I find great satisfaction in my role when I successfully develop a solution that resonates with the customer’s preferences and deliver the highest-quality packaging available.   

What sets ESC Packaging apart is our unique identity as a family-owned business. Unlike larger corporate entities, we bring a genuine, personal touch to our customer interactions. Our approach is rooted in understanding and fulfilling our customers precise packaging requirements, rather than fitting them into a one-size-fits-all solution that might be more convenient for us.

I have an immense passion for history, with a particular fascination for the medieval period.

Andrew Walker

Creative Director

I am ESC Packaging’s Account Manager.

1 year 8 months I have been working with ESC.

I enjoy every part of my job, I really do enjoy when our customers pay their account on time, this leaves me feeling that I have mission accomplished. The job bags are very interesting too as everyone is different.

ESC are a family run business who are always willing to go that extra mile, bespoke packaging tailored to your own needs, lots of different products to whatever spec you wish. We won’t be beaten on price don’t be shy give us a try!!!

I love spending time with my grandson and going out with friends, as everyone always seems to say I am the life and soul of the party. (Getting a bit older now though, so can only party one night instead of 3 like I used to!)

Debbie Matthew

Accounts Manager

I’m ESC Packaging’s Warehouse Manager

Being part of a successful team.

We don’t just sell, we actively try to help our customers get what they really need.

I’m at my proudest when my wee cockapoo puppy Rodney does the toilet outside. I’m a big Dundee United fan too, and Rodney even has a branded harness to fly the Dundee United flag while out for walks. Carri also added: “Allan has a lovely singing voice and is an amazing golfer (so good, he plays off scratch)!”.

Allan Reoch

Warehouse Manager

As despatch manager I contact our clients to advise them that their orders have arrived.  I am responsible for entering the stock into Sage, all invoicing and I contact the customers by phone/email to arrange a suitable despatch/delivery date for their orders prior to preparing the courier/pallet paperwork. 

I also keep a check on customers printed stock held and also reorder plain stock when required.

I have worked for ESC for 15 years.  I was a stay at home mum for many years and couldn’t believe it when Carri offered me the position as sales administrator.   

I love my job as despatch manager. I enjoy speaking to the clients to give them the good news that their order has arrived, and making the arrangement to get their orders delivered.  I love working as part of our great customer service team.

What do you think makes ESC different from other packaging companies?

ESC is a family owned customer friendly business of over 45 years who genuinely cares about their clients big and small, and I love our policy of Kindness in Business.  Many of our clients have stayed loyal to ESC over the years as they know they will get the help they need to make the right decision on their packaging requirements and within the budget they have.  It really is a lovely company to work with and we are all made to feel like part of the family.

I love spending time with my family especially my 3 year old grandson Lewis, who makes us all laugh so much.

Going out with friends for a meal (and 2 or 3 drinks!) is always good, and I love going on work nights out, especially if we go to a show and a meal.  I had a great time at Abba Gold in August, I sang along in confidence because I know the words to a lot of their of songs, which makes a change for me as Carri will confirm lol.

Margaret Craig

Dispatch Manager

I predominantly take care of our quality control process. i make sure all the packaging is up to the high standards ESC has set. I get to chat with all of our fabulous customers on a regular basis whether it is from taking orders over the phone, calling to check in & see how they are doing or sending out our monthly stock checks. I also handle a lot of our photography that is displayed on our social media’s and websites.

I first started with ESC back when I was 19. I was with the company for a couple of years before I ventured off to work in retail. After 6+ years I returned to ESC in September 2020.  

I love seeing all of the amazing products coming in.

I adore seeing clients visions come to life and exceeding their expectations! 

I love watching ranges grow, to see a full collection of packaging all matching!

ESC cares! I know it is a cliché but we do. We value both our clients and suppliers. We are all people not robots. One rule we follow is “In a world where you can be anything, be KIND.” We take enormous pride in the fact we work with kindness in business!

Despite the nails & hair, I am my happiness in the great outdoors. I love going for walks and searching for waterfalls.

I am a mum to an 8 y/o boy who has me watching more hours of football a week than I care to admit.

I am a Beaver Scout Leader, I can build tents & fires quicker than I can do D.I.Y at home.

I have an obsession with Highland Cows. I would have a herd of them if I could.

Natalie Gibbs

Quality Controller

I am the new General Manager, getting involved in all aspects of the company from day to day running to supporting Carri with Sales.

I started on 1st August 2023.       

Learning every day and also interacting with the customers.

We really care for our customers and build personal relationships with them.

I have twin daughters who born on different days and I was born on the same day as Hugh Grant!

David Laidlaw

General Manager

Carri’s second Guide Dog Ruri joined the ESC Packaging team in June 2018 to help Carri get out and about
to see customers.

Our fabulous moral officer is known by many names, Dyson Dog, Mr Fluffy, Moochy Pooch, and his
most used, Mr waggypants due to his constant happiness and excitement.

Brandy is a clever dog, understanding every word you say, ‘roast chicken’ and ‘snack’
seem to get the biggest waggy tail response! She has a helicopter tail that never stops!

Brandy is a retired Guide Dog who joined team ESC in June 2023 after spending 9 years looking after

her previous owner.  


Ruri & Brandy

Moral Officers

World Class Packaging Solutions

Repeat Customers 92%

Successful Projects 96%

Customer Satisfaction 99%